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Friday, 29 August 2014

PAX Prime Weekend Has Arrived

Let me just brush the dust off of our site ;)

Hello Ironic Name fans! We hope that all PAX attendees have a most excellent weekend. As you may have noticed we've released a lot of 'micro' updates for Pocket PAX lately, this is in an effort to release whenever we have something complete, instead of saving everything up for one big update. In the last few weeks we've released 5 builds of Pocket PAX! Below is a list of what's new.

  • [FIX] https links not clickable in Twitter view
v2.3.1 (required to receive new schedule updates)
  • [NEW] Support for Map updates
  • [FIX] Download status indicator during bundle update
  • [FIX] Various bug fixes
  • [NEW] Proper PAX Theme Colors, we've overhauled our PAX themes to be more 'eye pleasing'
  • [FIX] Schedule not displaying in WP7
  • [NEW] Clickable Links in Twitter feeds
  • [NEW] Framework for variable schedule
  • [FIX] Launching Details from notification

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Pocket PAX v2.2 nearly complete!

We are very close to completing/releasing Pocket PAX 2.2!

2.2 builds upon the work we started in 2.0's massive restructure. Since not all PAX's are created equal we are adding some future customizations to treat each PAX more dynamic in nature. Also included in the 2.2 update will be, FINALLY, clickable links in the Twitter views. We hope you find these changes to continue to refine and expand on your PAX experience. We are hoping to release the 2.2 update this week so stay tuned.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Pocket PAX 2.0.1 now available!

Pocket PAX 2.0 is ready to help take your Penny Arcade Expo Experience to 11!

2.0 has had massive changes "underneath". Now we can support multiple PAX's at once, so expect us to have support for PAX Dev this year. This same work also allows us to provide updates without having to re-submit to the store, so we can provide schedules/maps/etc on the same day they are available.

We've also added in a link from the panel information to the map location of the panel. We hope you find these changes beneficial to this years PAX East 2014!

Pocket PAX 2.0.1 can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store now!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Pocket PAX v2.0 nears completion

Hello PAX fans!

PAX East 2014 is upon us in less than 30 days and Ironic Name will have you covered with Pocket PAX v2.0.

What goodies await you in v2.0? We are finally completing our work to allow Pocket PAX to handle multiple PAX's at once. You will be able to download Guide Packs from within the app, so from now on we won't have to wait for the app to be approved before we can support a PAX. Storage of the packs and updates will be hosted on Windows Azure, which will give us much better reliability. Also included in v2.0 is a major overhaul to our maps page, the old one was thrown away and completely rewritten. We think it's MUCH more usable now and we hope you'll agree.

We've also spent time trying to clean up the app's look a little and fix some bugs. This weekend will be the final push to get v2.0 completed, polished and ready to be in your hands.

We are expecting to have the app completed and in the store next week.