At Ironic Name we develop mobile apps with a focus on the Windows platforms. We currently have 4 apps in available in the Windows Phone Store and 1 in the Windows Store, our newest app is BRAAAINS!!! counter, a companion app for Zombie Dice to track your games score. Please also check out our other apps:
- Pocket PAX your go-to companion for attending any Penny Arcade Expo
- remynders set it, forget it, and let us remind you about all those "little" things
- Trade In Values Canada for all your game trading needs

Monday, 30 December 2013

2014, AdDuplex Ads and remynders v1.5 released!

As 2013 winds down we're sneaking in a few more updates. First up you may have noticed we've been putting a push on to update our apps for Windows Phone 8. For 2014 we will be treating Windows Phone 7 as end of life, all apps that we've released for WP7 will be maintenance only (no new functionality). This is to allow us more time to start focusing on cross developing apps for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. We have some exciting apps planned for release in 2014, more on that soon.

You may have also noticed that we've included AdDuplex ads in all of our apps. For those that don't know AdDuplex is a network dedicated to promoting Windows Phone apps. By allowing ads for other apps our apps will also be advertised. So keep an eye out for our ads in other apps.

And last but not least remynders v1.5 has been released for Windows Phone 8! What can you find in v1.5?

* Updated for Windows Phone 8
* New Branding
* Edit active notifications
* Live tile fixes
* Various bug fixes

Thanks for everyones support in 2013 and have an excellent new year!

Monday, 23 December 2013

Trade in Values v2.5 is released!

In case you haven't been prompted to download tivs v2.5 you should go grab it now, this release is exclusive for Windows Phone 8.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Trade in Values 2.0.6 and BRAAAINS!!! counter 1.2 released!

We have a couple of releases that are now available in the Windows Phone Store.

Trade in Values 2.0.6 - Containing a fix for the updating framework. When trying to update to the latest trades prices the application would become 'hung' during the Add Games phase. This was due to an issue with the next generation consoles (Xbox One and PS4).

BRAAAINS!!! counter 1.2 - Windows Phone 7 users should now be seeing the 1.2 update which contains some bug fixes and player add/remove animations.