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Saturday, 26 October 2013

BRAAAINS!!! counter v1.1

BRAAAINS!!! counter v1.1 for Windows Phone 8 has been available for the last 2 weeks but I wanted to hold off on it's announcement until today.. for a good reason.

The initial release of v1.1 had a very annoying bug for in progress games on resume, which was fixed a few days after release with v1.1.0.5.

v1.1 contains some great new features such as:
  • ability to reorder players by tapping and holding
  • starting a new game will begin with the winner of the previous game
  • tapping on a player will now bring up a option list:
    • ability to promote a player to the round start position, this will keep player order
    • ability to remove a player
  • fixed image anomalies with the background image 
As a special treat I have submitted BRAAAINS!!! counter v1.2 for Windows Phone 8 to the store tonight! This contains some visual tweaks and player animations. Also contained in this is some 'under the hood' work which touched on all of the support code, you may see some performance enhancements from it. To round out v1.2 there was also some bug fixing squeezed in.