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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Updates! Updates! Updates!

BRAAAINS!!! Counter for Windows 8

Bad news, BRAAAINS!!! Counter for Windows 8 failed certification. We've made a change and we're making another run at certification. It will be a few days before we know if there are any other issues. When we know more we'll let you know. Once we've cleared certification we'll also announce what's coming up in the next few releases and how long the promotion will last for BRAAAINS!!! being available for all platforms.

BRAAAINS!!! Counter for Windows Phone 7

While we were waiting for the Windows 8 certification we created the Windows Phone 7 version! It was submitted for certification yesterday so expect it to be sometime toward the end of the week when it's available in the store.

Trade in Values v2.0.2 and Our Call for Help!

Lastly you should be seeing the update v2.0.2 of TIVS available for download in the next few hours. This contains some bug fixes but it also to bring some awareness to something new we're going to try for adding features to this app. As much as I love this app it always seems to fall by the way side for updates, so I want to put it's road map into the hands of it's fans! Here's the deal I will commit to a feature list if you, tivs users, review the app in the Windows Phone Store. The hope is that this will help promote the app in the Store and get even more people using it! To participate all you need to do is go to the Windows Phone Store and leave a review (easily accessible from within the app).

So what do you get for doing this? The table below is broken into tiers showing what feature will be committed to for the required number of reviews, more reviews == more features. One more caveat I'm throwing in, you only have until July 30th to review the app. At that point we'll total the number of reviews and we'll have our roadmap.

# ReviewsFeature
25v2.0.5 - Updated to support 7.8
50v2.1 - Windows Phone 8 version
100v2.2 - Newly $8 trades list on main screen
250v2.3 - Game Library Account Sync
500v2.4 - Search using UPC Code/Camera
???v2.5/3.0 - Crowd sourced feature

Remember you only get 1 review, so if you want a feature then you're going to have to spread the word about the app ;)

Pocket PAX v2.0

We've begun work on Pocket PAX v2.0, we're trying to get a new framework in place for updating schedule so we can decouple those from having to submit to the store before each Conference. Fingers crossed we're ready in time for PAX Aus, if the code isn't ready we will have an update so the app will be available for conference attendees.

Remynders Update

Unfortunately this update has taken a backseat at the moment. We're running an internal build on our phones but it's not ready for primetime yet. Stay tuned.