At Ironic Name we develop mobile apps with a focus on the Windows platforms. We currently have 4 apps in available in the Windows Phone Store and 1 in the Windows Store, our newest app is BRAAAINS!!! counter, a companion app for Zombie Dice to track your games score. Please also check out our other apps:
- Pocket PAX your go-to companion for attending any Penny Arcade Expo
- remynders set it, forget it, and let us remind you about all those "little" things
- Trade In Values Canada for all your game trading needs

Thursday, 30 May 2013

BRAAAINS!!! counter is now LIVE!

Make tracking Zombie Dice scores a no brainer!

You can now download BRAAAINS!!! counter from the Windows Phone Store.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

BRAAAINS!!! counter Has Passed Certification! But...

We've found a bug with the initial release so we are unpublishing it and will have an update posted as quick as we can.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Announcing "BRAAAINS!!! counter"

Ironic Name is proud to announce our 4th app for Windows Phone, BRAAAINS!!! counter. Tonight we celebrate submitting our 4th app to the marketplace. This will be our 1st paid app and we're hoping it's well received, and there are plans for updates for the app.

Do you enjoy playing Zombie Dice? Keep track of your collected brrrrrains with this companion app, Zombie Dice game not included. Using BRAAAINS!!! counter will make tracking your zombie rampage easy, no need to hunt for a pen and paper. Also the app will save your current game's information so you can resume it later, in case you need to shamble away to deal with a certain southern sheriff.

In trial mode you will have full access to all functionality but be limited to tracking only 3 zombies. By unlocking the full version you will be able to track a HORDE.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Ironic Name's 4th App Launching Soon

Not quite ready to take the wraps of App #4 yet but very soon. Targeting for a launch next week if all goes well, there will be a prerelease post hopefully this weekend. The remynders v1.5 update is currently on hold until App #4 is launched.