At Ironic Name we develop mobile apps with a focus on the Windows platforms. We currently have 4 apps in available in the Windows Phone Store and 1 in the Windows Store, our newest app is BRAAAINS!!! counter, a companion app for Zombie Dice to track your games score. Please also check out our other apps:
- Pocket PAX your go-to companion for attending any Penny Arcade Expo
- remynders set it, forget it, and let us remind you about all those "little" things
- Trade In Values Canada for all your game trading needs

Monday, 30 December 2013

2014, AdDuplex Ads and remynders v1.5 released!

As 2013 winds down we're sneaking in a few more updates. First up you may have noticed we've been putting a push on to update our apps for Windows Phone 8. For 2014 we will be treating Windows Phone 7 as end of life, all apps that we've released for WP7 will be maintenance only (no new functionality). This is to allow us more time to start focusing on cross developing apps for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. We have some exciting apps planned for release in 2014, more on that soon.

You may have also noticed that we've included AdDuplex ads in all of our apps. For those that don't know AdDuplex is a network dedicated to promoting Windows Phone apps. By allowing ads for other apps our apps will also be advertised. So keep an eye out for our ads in other apps.

And last but not least remynders v1.5 has been released for Windows Phone 8! What can you find in v1.5?

* Updated for Windows Phone 8
* New Branding
* Edit active notifications
* Live tile fixes
* Various bug fixes

Thanks for everyones support in 2013 and have an excellent new year!

Monday, 23 December 2013

Trade in Values v2.5 is released!

In case you haven't been prompted to download tivs v2.5 you should go grab it now, this release is exclusive for Windows Phone 8.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Trade in Values 2.0.6 and BRAAAINS!!! counter 1.2 released!

We have a couple of releases that are now available in the Windows Phone Store.

Trade in Values 2.0.6 - Containing a fix for the updating framework. When trying to update to the latest trades prices the application would become 'hung' during the Add Games phase. This was due to an issue with the next generation consoles (Xbox One and PS4).

BRAAAINS!!! counter 1.2 - Windows Phone 7 users should now be seeing the 1.2 update which contains some bug fixes and player add/remove animations.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Trade In Values v2.0.5.2 Submitted

We discovered a bug in the update code for Trade In Values that was causing the 360 update to get 'stuck'. We've made the necessary adjustments and submitted a new version to the store. When you run the app for the first time after updating it will reset the database so you will want to re-run pricing update to have the latest and greatest. Hopefully we'll see a fast turn around on the update and happy gaming to everyone getting a new PS4 or Xbox One!

Thursday, 31 October 2013

BRAAAINS!!! counter v1.2 now available for Windows Phone 8

HAPPY HALLOWEEN boils and ghouls! To celebrate we've released v1.2 of BRAAAINS!!! counter. In this release we've updated all of our support code to help with some bugs that had surfaced recently. Also we've added in some player animations to give it a little visual punch!

Enjoy and Happy Halloween from Ironic Name!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

BRAAAINS!!! counter v1.1

BRAAAINS!!! counter v1.1 for Windows Phone 8 has been available for the last 2 weeks but I wanted to hold off on it's announcement until today.. for a good reason.

The initial release of v1.1 had a very annoying bug for in progress games on resume, which was fixed a few days after release with v1.1.0.5.

v1.1 contains some great new features such as:
  • ability to reorder players by tapping and holding
  • starting a new game will begin with the winner of the previous game
  • tapping on a player will now bring up a option list:
    • ability to promote a player to the round start position, this will keep player order
    • ability to remove a player
  • fixed image anomalies with the background image 
As a special treat I have submitted BRAAAINS!!! counter v1.2 for Windows Phone 8 to the store tonight! This contains some visual tweaks and player animations. Also contained in this is some 'under the hood' work which touched on all of the support code, you may see some performance enhancements from it. To round out v1.2 there was also some bug fixing squeezed in.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Pocket PAX 1.7 Now Available

Pocket PAX 1.7 should now be available in the windows phone store, if you don't see it yet you will shortly.

In this release we've updated the in-app info for PAX Prime 2013 and you can update schedule changes via the in-app update functionality. Also included in this release is a fix for Windows Phone 7 users not being able to use the in-app update feature. We've also included a change that will allow the app to check for schedule updates when it's launched, if a data connection is present.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

BRAAAINS!!! counter v1.1 and Pocket PAX v1.7

This is a good news/bad news post.

The bad news... BRAAAINS!!! counter v1.1 for Windows Phone and Windows 8 is delayed until later in the month of August. We've hit an unforeseen tech issue that we are working around and we don't want to release with the apps new features handicapped.

The good news... because BRAAAINS!!! counter is delayed we are extending the free promo until v1.1 is ready!

More good news! Pocket PAX v1.7 is being readied for release. This will contain the information update for PAX Prime 2013 and a few smaller changes.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

[Update] Pocket PAX 1.6 Now Available

[UPDATE] We're just submitted Pocket PAX 1.6.1 for approval. This contains a fix for viewing RSS feeds as well as a new feature to allow auto scrolling of the schedule (on PAX weekend it will open to the date and time).

Pocket PAX 1.6 is now available for download on Windows Phone Store. Pocket PAX is built to fill in the void of a missing Guidebook app for Windows Phone. Pocket PAX's primary feature is the schedule and your ability to favorite a panel to create your own schedule. It also provides you will access to PAX related twitter/RSS feeds and site maps. All of this is available offline as well, since we all know cell reception and wifi have a habit of being unreliable at conventions.

What's New in 1.6?
  • New Hub Interface
  • Updated with PAX Aus 2013 Info
  • [FIX] Twitter feeds not connecting
As always we will be providing schedule updates that can be downloaded via the in app update system.

PAX Prime 2013 users we haven't forgotten you! Expect the app to be refreshed before Prime with everything you will need.

PocketPAX available on the Windows Phone Store for free.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

BRAAAINS!!! counter Available for Windows 8 / Windows Phone 7

Do you enjoy playing the popular dice game Zombie Dice? Then grab your physical copy of Zombie Dice and keep score of your collected brrrrrains with these companion apps.

To celebrate the release of Ironic Name’s first Windows 8 app all versions of BRAAAINS!!! counter (Windows Phone 7/8 & Windows 8) are being made available for free, for a limited time (August 1st). Using BRAAAINS!!! counter will make tracking your zombie rampage a "no brainer", no need to hunt for a pen and paper when your trusty Windows Phone or Windows 8 device is are at the ready!

  • Keeps track of "who's next" in games of Zombie Dice
  • Able to add and remove players during play
  • Handles tie games
  • Visual alerts for 'game ending' and ties
  • [WP] Game state storage for resumed game play

Coming Soon in v1.1 (July)
  • [ALL] Player Reordering
  • [ALL] Previous winner starts next game
  • [Win8] Game state storage for resumed game play

You can download BRAAAINS!!! counter from the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store respectively, both versions are available free for a limited time, until August 1st.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Updates! Updates! Updates!

BRAAAINS!!! Counter for Windows 8

Bad news, BRAAAINS!!! Counter for Windows 8 failed certification. We've made a change and we're making another run at certification. It will be a few days before we know if there are any other issues. When we know more we'll let you know. Once we've cleared certification we'll also announce what's coming up in the next few releases and how long the promotion will last for BRAAAINS!!! being available for all platforms.

BRAAAINS!!! Counter for Windows Phone 7

While we were waiting for the Windows 8 certification we created the Windows Phone 7 version! It was submitted for certification yesterday so expect it to be sometime toward the end of the week when it's available in the store.

Trade in Values v2.0.2 and Our Call for Help!

Lastly you should be seeing the update v2.0.2 of TIVS available for download in the next few hours. This contains some bug fixes but it also to bring some awareness to something new we're going to try for adding features to this app. As much as I love this app it always seems to fall by the way side for updates, so I want to put it's road map into the hands of it's fans! Here's the deal I will commit to a feature list if you, tivs users, review the app in the Windows Phone Store. The hope is that this will help promote the app in the Store and get even more people using it! To participate all you need to do is go to the Windows Phone Store and leave a review (easily accessible from within the app).

So what do you get for doing this? The table below is broken into tiers showing what feature will be committed to for the required number of reviews, more reviews == more features. One more caveat I'm throwing in, you only have until July 30th to review the app. At that point we'll total the number of reviews and we'll have our roadmap.

# ReviewsFeature
25v2.0.5 - Updated to support 7.8
50v2.1 - Windows Phone 8 version
100v2.2 - Newly $8 trades list on main screen
250v2.3 - Game Library Account Sync
500v2.4 - Search using UPC Code/Camera
???v2.5/3.0 - Crowd sourced feature

Remember you only get 1 review, so if you want a feature then you're going to have to spread the word about the app ;)

Pocket PAX v2.0

We've begun work on Pocket PAX v2.0, we're trying to get a new framework in place for updating schedule so we can decouple those from having to submit to the store before each Conference. Fingers crossed we're ready in time for PAX Aus, if the code isn't ready we will have an update so the app will be available for conference attendees.

Remynders Update

Unfortunately this update has taken a backseat at the moment. We're running an internal build on our phones but it's not ready for primetime yet. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

BRAAAINS!!! counter is coming to Windows 8!

Our first Windows 8 application will be BRAAINS!!! counter. We are very close to being code complete and expect to be submitting to the Windows Store for approval within the next few days.

.. and because this is our first Windows 8 app I am happy to announce that we will be making the Windows Phone version of BRAAAINS!!! counter free to celebrate. You should see the price reflected in the store within the next day. The price will remain in effect for a limited time.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

BRAAAINS!!! counter v1.0.1 Now Available

BRAAAINS!!! counter v1.0.1 is now available in all windows phone marketplaces. This release brings a Tie Breaker mode as well as visual identifiers for the end of the game and when ties occur, as well as a fix for assisted error reporting.

Also we will be announcing another app release this week so stay tuned!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

BRAAAINS!!! counter v1.0.1 submitted to the Store

BRAAAINS!!! counter v1.0.1 was submitted to the Windows Phone Store tonight. We've added in the tie breaker functionality mentioned in an earlier post as well as visualizations for the end game trigger and when in tie breaker mode. Also there is a fix in this release for a crash that could occur with the assisted error reporting.

Also keep close watch of this space as we are announcing something new in the next week or so ;).

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Readying BRAAAINS!!! counter v1.0.1 for Release

BRAAAINS!!! counter v1.0 shipped without functionality for resolving ties for the game win. We're now testing the v1.0.1 update which will include tie breaker resolution.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

BRAAAINS!!! counter is now LIVE!

Make tracking Zombie Dice scores a no brainer!

You can now download BRAAAINS!!! counter from the Windows Phone Store.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

BRAAAINS!!! counter Has Passed Certification! But...

We've found a bug with the initial release so we are unpublishing it and will have an update posted as quick as we can.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Announcing "BRAAAINS!!! counter"

Ironic Name is proud to announce our 4th app for Windows Phone, BRAAAINS!!! counter. Tonight we celebrate submitting our 4th app to the marketplace. This will be our 1st paid app and we're hoping it's well received, and there are plans for updates for the app.

Do you enjoy playing Zombie Dice? Keep track of your collected brrrrrains with this companion app, Zombie Dice game not included. Using BRAAAINS!!! counter will make tracking your zombie rampage easy, no need to hunt for a pen and paper. Also the app will save your current game's information so you can resume it later, in case you need to shamble away to deal with a certain southern sheriff.

In trial mode you will have full access to all functionality but be limited to tracking only 3 zombies. By unlocking the full version you will be able to track a HORDE.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Ironic Name's 4th App Launching Soon

Not quite ready to take the wraps of App #4 yet but very soon. Targeting for a launch next week if all goes well, there will be a prerelease post hopefully this weekend. The remynders v1.5 update is currently on hold until App #4 is launched.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Pocket PAX 1.5 Now Available

Pocket PAX 1.5 is now rolling out to the windows phone marketplace, if you don't see it yet you should shortly. This release brings the updated schedule for PAX East 2013, as per normal we will be providing schedule updates via the in app update functionality as they are made available. We are also shipping with our new maps functionality, maps curtousy dyaballikl on the Penny Arcade Forums (

Friday, 8 March 2013

Pocket PAX v1.5 submitted to Marketplace

Pocket PAX v1.5 was submitted to the Marketplace for approval yesterday. This release contains relevant information for PAX East 2013. Also there were a few bugs fixed, new branding for Pocket PAX, and the most requested feature... MAPS! Fingers crossed for a fast turn around on approval.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Trade in Values v2.0.1 Available in Marketplace

Trade in Values 2.0.1 is now available in the windows phone marketplace. This release takes everything that was great with v2.0 and makes it even better.

As promised the light theme has been fixed along with Wii U games now displaying properly. The release was strictly targeted at bug fixes but we were able to squeeze a little more in. Beside fixing some annoyances we also rolled in support for game hardware!

Monday, 21 January 2013

remynders v1.5 for Windows Phone 8

While we wait for Trade in Values v2.0.1 to be published work has begun on an update to remynders. To get more acquainted with development for Windows Phone 8 we've decided to discontinue the 7.X development. By focusing on WP8 this will allow us to become more familiar with the changes in the platform and bring the update out faster. For those current users of remynders on 7.X, we will not be disabling the app from the marketplace so if you need to download it you can rest assured that it will still be available.

So what can you expect in v1.5? Full support for the WP8 platform which means:
  • native support for all three resolutions
  • new fast app switching
  • support for iconic tiles, including wide support
We're also adding in:
  • remynders re-branding!
  • ability to edit remynders
  • ... and various bug fixes
There are a couple of other features that may make it into this release.. but let's keep those under wraps for now ;)

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Trade in Values v2.0.1 Submitted to Marketplace

This release is purely aimed at bug fixes. The primary goal of this release was to clean up the issue preventing the display of Wii U games, but it was felt we could "pack" a little more in. Below is the changelog for v2.0.1:
  • Wii U games working properly
  • Game Hardware now supported
  • Auto Update interaction improved
  • Light Theme fixed
  • Various bug fixes
Next up... Window Phone 8 upgrade for Remynders (v1.5)