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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Trade in Values v2.0 Available in Marketplace

Trade in Values 2.0 is now available in all windows phone marketplace. This release brings an overhauled UI, search, new trade-value update mechanism, integrated RSS feed, configurable trade dates/prices/location... AND MORE!

There are some minor visual issues with the release (and a BIG sorry to light theme users) the issues will be targeted for a bug fix release soon.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Trade in Values v2.0 Submitted to Marketplace

Well we're about 6 months off of the original release date, but we hope you'll agree it's worth it.

Trade in Values v2.0 contains massive changes from v1.0. Most of the "under the hood" has been totally rewritten, but the most noticeable you'll see in the app are:
  • Interface completely overhauled
  • Trade-In Locations are now configurable
  • Configurable minimum trade price
  • RSS Feed integrated
  • Search now works across all platforms
  • Pinable Search for Start Screen
  • All new Error Handling/Reporting
Hopefully it's a quick turn around with no issues in the Marketplace *fingers crossed*.

You can check out the Marketplace screenshots in the link below.

Monday, 10 December 2012

tivs v2.0 down to one bug

This release has been a real bear. Every time it's looked like it was put to bed another ugly bug would rear it's head. Tonight finally the majority of bugs have been resolved, with only one remaining. To celebrate here are a few screenshots from the new UI.