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Friday, 23 March 2012

Update on Pocket PAX v1.0

STATUS UPDATE: I checked AppHub on the Marketplace submission and there has been movement, it's status is now marked as "Certified". According to MS documentation this means "Application has successfully passed through testing. The app is ready to be made available to users.". I have not received the confirmation email from Marketplace yet so we're still in a holding pattern.

While we wait here's the Pocket PAX description you can check out:

Disclaimer: This app is in no way affiliated with Penny Arcade or their Gaming Expo (PAX). PAX and Penny Arcade are both trademarked by Penny Arcade, Inc.
Are you attending a Penny Arcade Expo (PAX)? Then Pocket PAX is the app for you! Pocket PAX contains what you need to make your experience even better! In it you will find a copy of the Official Schedule provided on the website, but with the bonus of it being stored locally. Previous PAX attendees can attest that when you get that many gamers in one spot data connections can be slightly less reliable. Pocket PAX also allows you to favorite any panels in the schedule that you are interested in. Favoriting a panel will give you two perks, firstly you will be able to see it in the custom Favorite only view of Pocket PAX and secondly Pocket PAX will create a notification for you that will alert you 1 hour before the panel is about to being and if you tap the notification when it fires Pocket PAX will launch and show you the details regarding the panel.
Also from within Pocket PAX you can view two very important twitter streams, @pax_lines (keeps you up to date on line statuses for the various panels) and @official_pax (which provides various information about the Expo).
Want more? How about all this functionality is pinable to your Windows Phone start screen for easy access. Also if you choose to enable Pocket PAX’s dynamic live tiles your pinned start screen icons will come alive with extra information relevant to the icon.