At Ironic Name we develop mobile apps with a focus on the Windows platforms. We currently have 4 apps in available in the Windows Phone Store and 1 in the Windows Store, our newest app is BRAAAINS!!! counter, a companion app for Zombie Dice to track your games score. Please also check out our other apps:
- Pocket PAX your go-to companion for attending any Penny Arcade Expo
- remynders set it, forget it, and let us remind you about all those "little" things
- Trade In Values Canada for all your game trading needs

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Trade in Values v2.0 Available in Marketplace

Trade in Values 2.0 is now available in all windows phone marketplace. This release brings an overhauled UI, search, new trade-value update mechanism, integrated RSS feed, configurable trade dates/prices/location... AND MORE!

There are some minor visual issues with the release (and a BIG sorry to light theme users) the issues will be targeted for a bug fix release soon.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Trade in Values v2.0 Submitted to Marketplace

Well we're about 6 months off of the original release date, but we hope you'll agree it's worth it.

Trade in Values v2.0 contains massive changes from v1.0. Most of the "under the hood" has been totally rewritten, but the most noticeable you'll see in the app are:
  • Interface completely overhauled
  • Trade-In Locations are now configurable
  • Configurable minimum trade price
  • RSS Feed integrated
  • Search now works across all platforms
  • Pinable Search for Start Screen
  • All new Error Handling/Reporting
Hopefully it's a quick turn around with no issues in the Marketplace *fingers crossed*.

You can check out the Marketplace screenshots in the link below.

Monday, 10 December 2012

tivs v2.0 down to one bug

This release has been a real bear. Every time it's looked like it was put to bed another ugly bug would rear it's head. Tonight finally the majority of bugs have been resolved, with only one remaining. To celebrate here are a few screenshots from the new UI.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Ironic Name Has Been Accepted to BizSpark

I am proud to announce that Ironic Name has been accepted as a participant in Microsoft's BizSpark program. This will allow us to get access to software and other valuable information while we grow and focus on development of Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Ironic Name's Apps Pass 500 Downloads

Wanted to do a quick post to say our three apps available on the Windows Phone Marketplace when combined have passed 500 downloads. Being a development house of 1 person can be challenging, but fun. A big thanks to everyone who has downloaded our apps and use them, and a special thanks to friends and family who help test our apps.

Pocket PAX has really gained a huge surge in downloads over the last month, no doubt due to PAX Prime 2012 which is occurring this weekend. We may even see it pass 200 downloads by itself in the next few days.

Below is the timeline chart from showing our download progress. Here is a little history/context for our downloads.

June 26, 2011 - our 1st app, trade in values for windows phone, is released!
Oct 12, 2011 - trade in values was a featured app in the marketplace
Feb 28. 2012 - remynders, our 2nd app, is released
Mar 25, 2012 - Pocket PAX is released, the spikes from the following 2 weeks are also for this release
Jul-Aug 2012 - Pocket PAX again spikes because of PAX Prime

Some other interesting information to consider.
tivs - is a every niche app, it's trade in values for games is only for Canadian stores. So users typically are from Canada and have heard of

Pocket PAX - Only contains information that is valid for 2 weekends out of the year and each convention has about 70,000+ attendee's, also since the convention takes place in the US almost all downloads are ffrom there. And if you apply the current percentage of Windows Phone users in US (2%) that means there are about a possible 1400 users. So again very niche app.

remynders - a wider appealing app globally. After it's original release downloads settled and it's user base has slowly been trickling in. When this app was created it was understood that it was a crowded field.

These apps were all created in my spare time and are free to download with no ads, so for this 1st year of being a windows phone app publisher I have decided to not pursue monetizing from them intentionally as I learn to develop for this awesome platform.

Again thank you everyone for your continued usage of these apps, and more that I hope to develop!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Pocket PAX 1.3 Now Available

Pocket PAX 1.3 is now available in all windows phone marketplaces. This release brings the updated schedule for PAX Prime 2012, like the PAX East release earlier this year we will be providing updates, via the in app update functionality, as they are made available. Unfortunately we won't be attending PAX Prime but we do hope that the app helps those that are attending.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Readying the Pocket PAX 1.3 Release

Nothing new to report on Trade In Values for Windows Phone at the moment, we are still cleaning up issues and continuing testing.

In the meantime, while we wait for tivs v2.0 how about a Pocket PAX update? We will be submitting v1.3 to the Marketplace for approval in the next few days. This release is an information only update, all information is now accurate for PAX Prime 2012.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

[In Progress] tivs 2.0 sneak peek

I know there are some eager users out there waiting for our 2.0 release of tivs for windows phone. There still is no new information on the release date but I wanted to share a sneak peek at the updated ui. This is not a final release and is subject to change so please keep that in mind.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

[Update] tivs for Windows Phone v2.0

Unfortunately tivs v2.0 will be delayed a little longer. A secondary project has been fast tracked which is part of the delay of the release along with there is still some incomplete required functionality and "show stopper" bugs to clear out. More to come soon.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Trade In Values for Windows Phone v2.0

Well things have been busy around Ironic Name, but with the 1 year anniversary of tivs coming up next month I think it's time we did something special. v2.0 will be available around, possibly slightly before, the anniversary date as a celebration of our 1st Windows Phone app we released. More to come in the following weeks.. heck we might even through out a screenshot or two.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Pocket PAX v1.2 submitted to Marketplace

Pocket PAX v1.2 is mostly a bug fix release, no new features. Below is what you can expect to see when the release is made available.

* End Time may show as AM, should be PM
* Fix for favorite bug runs too many times
* Delete reminder if panel cancelled
* Performance improvements

Friday, 30 March 2012

Pocket PAX v1.1 is now appearing in the Marketplace, however there is a known issue

Pocket PAX v1.1 has arrived in the Windows Phone Marketplace. However some users may experience an issue after updating.

After updating to v1.1 when launching Pocket PAX the application may not load beyond the splash screen and will immediately go back to the Windows Phone start screen. The issue appears to be linked to users who encountered the application error when trying to favourite. Uninstalling Pocket PAX and reinstalling will return the application back to normal operation.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Pocket PAX v1.1 has been certified!

Pocket PAX v1.1 has also just passed marketplace certification! It also looks as though it will be available in the Marketplace first. The update will appear in the marketplace within the next 24 hours!

remynders v1.1 has been certified!

remynders v1.1 has just passed marketplace certification! The update will appear in the marketplace over the next 24 hours!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Pocket PAX v1.1 and remynders v1.1 Submitted for Approval

remynders v1.1 was submitted to the Windows Phone Marketplace last night with the following changes:
* Overhauled error handling
* Live tiles are updated more frequently
* Fix for occasional crash when new remynder was added
* Various minor improvements

Pocket PAX v1.1 was submitted tonight, a few issues arose during final testing. It's changes include:
* NEW Search with Location Filtering
* NEW In App Downloading of Schedule Updates
* NEW Official PAX RSS News Feed
* Various minor improvements

Both apps were submitted to the full Marketplace, which has expanded to 23 new countries. The expectation is now that approval turnaround will be about a week. Here's hoping we see them both approved before next weekend.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Pocket PAX is now LIVE!

You can now download Pocket PAX from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Attack of the v1.1's!

Tonight BOTH Pocket PAX and remynders v1.1 became code complete. Features of Pocket PAX are mentioned in another post from Thursday.

remynders v1.1 is a bug fix release.This release includes:
- Creating a remynder crashes because text contains a character outside of the 32-126 ASCII range
- When all remynders have fired and live tiles are enabled the tile will continue to show the last remynder until a new one is added
- More robust error handling

Friday, 23 March 2012

Pocket PAX has been certified!

Pocket PAX has just passed marketplace certification! Expect it to appear in the marketplace within the next 24 hours!

Update on Pocket PAX v1.0

STATUS UPDATE: I checked AppHub on the Marketplace submission and there has been movement, it's status is now marked as "Certified". According to MS documentation this means "Application has successfully passed through testing. The app is ready to be made available to users.". I have not received the confirmation email from Marketplace yet so we're still in a holding pattern.

While we wait here's the Pocket PAX description you can check out:

Disclaimer: This app is in no way affiliated with Penny Arcade or their Gaming Expo (PAX). PAX and Penny Arcade are both trademarked by Penny Arcade, Inc.
Are you attending a Penny Arcade Expo (PAX)? Then Pocket PAX is the app for you! Pocket PAX contains what you need to make your experience even better! In it you will find a copy of the Official Schedule provided on the website, but with the bonus of it being stored locally. Previous PAX attendees can attest that when you get that many gamers in one spot data connections can be slightly less reliable. Pocket PAX also allows you to favorite any panels in the schedule that you are interested in. Favoriting a panel will give you two perks, firstly you will be able to see it in the custom Favorite only view of Pocket PAX and secondly Pocket PAX will create a notification for you that will alert you 1 hour before the panel is about to being and if you tap the notification when it fires Pocket PAX will launch and show you the details regarding the panel.
Also from within Pocket PAX you can view two very important twitter streams, @pax_lines (keeps you up to date on line statuses for the various panels) and @official_pax (which provides various information about the Expo).
Want more? How about all this functionality is pinable to your Windows Phone start screen for easy access. Also if you choose to enable Pocket PAX’s dynamic live tiles your pinned start screen icons will come alive with extra information relevant to the icon.

Pocket PAX v1.1 Nears Completion

We're still waiting on approval for Pocket PAX v1.0 in the Marketplace. So in the meantime we've moved on to v1.1 development and we're almost done.

Pocket PAX v1.1 will feature the following:
- minor bug fixes
- reduced bandwidth usage for twitter updates
- NEW search capability
- NEW PAX rss feed
- NEW in app schedule updating

Here's hoping v1.0 is approved quickly so we can submit the update ;)

Monday, 19 March 2012

Our 3rd App, Pocket Pax, is About to be Submitted to the Marketplace

Pocket PAX, are you attending PAX East 2012 (Penny Arcade Expo)? Do you have a Windows Phone as well? Then you need Pocket PAX. Pocket PAX will provide you with the schedule of panels for the conference, also allowing you to favourite panels you are interested in. You can also follow either of the official PAX twitter feeds, @pax_lines or @official_pax. Also you can pin any of the functionality to your Windows Phone start screen. This app supports live tiles and more.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Work on 3rd App Is In Progress

This year will mark my 3rd  trip to PAX East. It's an event I look forward to every year. Last week I decided to create my own PAX Companion app, called Pocket PAX, to help with managing the schedule of panels. I am trying some new processes in developing this app and leveraging the Telerik controls more. The goal is to try and have an app of high quality submitted to the market within the week of starting. Thing are looking great so far and I decided to share some screenshots of the work in progress. Which can be viewed from the link below. The goal is to submit Pocket PAX to the marketplace on Saturday, with it available for download a few days later.

Monday, 27 February 2012

remynders is now LIVE!

You can now download remynders from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

remynders has been certified!

remynders has just passed marketplace certification! Expect it to appear in the marketplace shortly!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Remynders Submitted to Marketplace

Remynders is intended for reminding you about those "little things" that come up. Maybe you need a reminder for sending your address to a friend, getting a key copied, returning a game, calling someone, or anything else. The app makes it easy and fast to setup a notification and "forget" about it.. until it's time to be reminded.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Ironic Name's Second App is Code Complete!

Ironic Name is proud to announce our second Windows Phone application is now code complete. The application is call "remynders" and it's meant for keeping track and reminding you about the small things that come up during the day.
- Send an Email
- Return a movie
- Get a key copied
- ... etc

remynders is also our first application to be built natively for Windows Phone 7.5. It uses the new notification system, live tiles, and background agents. We're now also using Telerik controls.

We'll be testing the code over the next few days and you can expect to see it in the marketplace shortly.

Playstation Vita Not Listed in "tivs for windows phone"

Some users are experiencing an issue where Sony Playstation Vita does not show up in the console list after a content refresh. If you are experiencing this please uninstall tivs and download the app again. There appears to be an artifact from upgrades that is causing the issue.